Water Testing

water test

WaterLink Spin Water Testing

The WaterLink® Spin photometer measures 13 important pool and spa water testing factors.

In 60 seconds we can have the answer to your pool and spa water issues. Then the system will display the remedy that is needed to fix it and easy-to-do instructions.

This will help you get your pool or spa back to sparkling blue again!

The WaterLink Spin photometer measures:


Total Alkalinity

Calcium Hardness


Cyanuric Acid


Biguanide Shock

Free Chlorine

Total Chlorine





Do you need your water tested? Contact us!

Visit our store in New Braunfels to have your water tested. Bring 6 ounces of water from your pool or spa and our helpful staff will run the test and let you know exactly what your water needs.

Contact us for more information or stop by our store with your water ready to test!