Chemical Selection

At our store in New Braunfels, Texas we carry Quantum and Ultima brand granular and liquid chemicals that assist you in your weekly pool cleaning and maintenance.

Bring 6 ounces of your pool water and we’ll test it for you in store. After we do your WaterLink® Spin Test, we will recommend these chemicals to make sure that your pool stays the sparkling blue you want it to be for the entire pool season! Our knowledgeable staff will answer all your questions and help you choose the right chemicals for your pool or spa.

We also carry at-home test strips for your pool and spa. We carry test strips for salt water pools as well.

Click on the brand or product name to see what chemicals we have:

Quantum Sizes Uses
Quantum 3in Tablets 25 lbs. & 50 lbs. Tubs Sanitizes Pool
Quantum Algigon 30 1 QT Bottle Prevents  Algae
Quantum Algigon C 1 QT Bottle Prevents  Algae
Quantum Alkalinity 7.5 Lbs., 15 Lbs. & 25Lbs Maintains Alkalinity in Pool
Quantum Calcium Hardness Up 6Lbs., 15Lbs. & 25 Lbs. Increases Water Hardness
Quantum PH Down 4Lbs. & 10 Lbs. Lowers level of Pools pH
Quantum PH Up 4 Lbs. Raises level of Pools pH
Quantum Premium 60 1 QT Bottle Prevents Algae
Quantum Q-Shock II 73% 1 Lbs. & 25 Lbs. Pool shock
Quantum Quash 1 QT Bottle Controls Algae
Quantum RMS 1 QT Bottle Removes Metal Stains
Quantum Stabilizer 1.75Lbs., 4 Lbs. & 10 Lbs. Prevents Chlorine Loss
Quantum Sticks 25 lbs. Tub Sanitizes Pool
Quantum Terminator II 1 QT Bottle Kill Black Algae
Ultima Sizes Uses
Ultima Back Wash 1 QT Removes organic &  inorganic buildup
Ultima Cell Xtend 1 QT Salt Solution reduces phosphates
Ultima Enzyme Clarifier 1/2 Gallon Clears Cloudy Pool Water
Ultima Monthly Salt Main. 7Lbs. Salt Solution long lasting sanitization
Ultima Nix 1 QT Prevents Algae
Ultima PhosFIGHT 1 QT Eliminates phosphates from water
Ultima Power Wash Cell Cleaner 8 OZ Cleans salt water chlorine generator cells
Ultima Salt Algaecide 1 QT Controls all algae types in Salt Water
Ultima Salt Stabilizer 4 Lbs. Reduces chlorine loss
Ultima Salt Start Up 4 Lbs. Re starts your salt water Pool
Ultima Salt Weekly Shock 2.2 Lbs. Eliminates contaminates weekly
Ultima Swamp to Swim Kit Ideal for pool openings
Ultima TKO Gran 73% 1 Lbs. Prevents algae & shocks pool
Ultima Yello Free – 2 Lbs. Eliminates yellow & mustard colored algae
Tester Count Uses
AquaChek Pool & Spa Strips 50 Count For chlorine pools
Ultima Salt Test Strips 10 Count For salt water pools
LTC Test Strips 4 Way Bromine 50 Count For Bromine system pools
LTC Test Strips 4Way Chlorine 50 Count For chlorine pools

Sanitize your pool or spa without measuring or mixing chemicals!

The @ease Floating Sanitization System by FROG puts you at ease when it comes to the sanitization of your Spa! No measuring chemicals, no mixing chemicals just click it together and let it float.

The FROG Leap Pool Water Care System all-in-one mineral delivery system is designed to reduce the use of chlorine in your pool and make it last 2 times longer!

Both the @ease Floating Sanitization System for your spa and the FROG Leap Pool Water Care System for your pool are available in our store.